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Next Finance regularly produces economic analyses and forecasts, which are based on all available information, knowledge, personal experience and contacts.

Analytical and consulting company

Next Finance s.r.o. is an independent company, which has been specialising in analytical and consulting services since 2004 in the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as in Poland since 2010. The fact that Next Finance is not a securities trader, does not offer trading on financial markets, is not involved in investment activities and is not financially affiliated with any other company, renders it completely independent and able to provide objective analyses itself. Our team of analysts closely follows economic and financial developments on a daily basis. From this, they produce regular analyses, forecasts and investment strategies, based on all available information, knowledge, personal experience and contacts, which are consequently distributed via e-mail to our clients, who range from large financial institutions to small-scale investors. Whether you are interested in trading stocks online, or in foreign exchange or even in electricity trading, everyone will find a suitable package catering to his or her needs.

In the Czech Republic, Next Finance s.r.o. is proud to regularly provide analyses to 7 out of 10 most notable companies in the country (listed in the Czech Top 100), 13 banks, 6 Ministries, 7 regions et cetera (data valid as at January 1, 2010).

Our outlooks concentrate mainly (but not exclusively) on the trading conducted on the Central European and Western European markets: on the exchange rates of the crown, the euro, the dollar and the zloty, as well as investments in stock or other funds or interest rates. However, the overall scope of the analyses provided is much broader and covers a wide range of issues.

Information for investment decisions and financial management

Through our products, smaller-scale investors can monitor their investment performance. Based on our forecasts, they can change their investment or investment instrument at the right time, so their savings will not be devalued by fluctuating financial markets. They might make a decision on whether it is the right time to start trading on the markets or to invest in gold or property. We do not provide the classic individual investment recommendation of the "buy" or "sell" kind, because we are not investment advisors; however, we do offer the best information, outlooks and professional analyses, so our clients are able to make their own decisions about their investments.

Bigger-scale investors (companies, financial institutions) use our products to evaluate their investments or to manage their financial risk, e.g. through an appropriately chosen hedging strategy. Are you interested when will the zloty, the crown or the forint weaken, or when will the dollar appreciate or what is the outlook for the euro's exchange rate? We update our outlooks every single day. Furthermore, personal consultations complement all our analyses and forecasts Thus, the client has the option to consult us on the exact timing for a trade, either by phone or by e-mail. Our analysts will respond to enquiries in either the English or the Czech languages in the shortest time possible. Written enquiries in Polish will be dealt with and responded to in the Polish language within two working days.

Next Finance also provides bespoke individual analyses and forecasts in line with the client's requirements. These are not only suitable for investing on the financial markets, but also when drawing up a budget and defining company's strategic plans. You can choose your analyses to be in the Czech, Polish or English languages.

Financial outlooks rather than a description of the past

Next Finance's aim is to provide its clients with independent analyses and forecasts of the financial markets of high quality, which will not only enable them to minimise risk and make decisions on hedging, but will also reveal new investment opportunities, be it about the stock market, stock funds, foreign exchange rates, investments in oil or perhaps investments in gold. As opposed to other analytical teams, the Next Finance team's primary objective is not to describe the past, but to provide forecasts for the most probable scenario in the future. Investors know the past and knowing the past, as opposed to knowing the future, does not generate any profit.

The accuracy of our forecasts is highly valued even by banks, which have their own analytical teams, but use our forecasts nonetheless! In comparison with other local companies, Next Finance stands out thanks to its focus on the financial market – we always ensure that the information we provide is not only interesting, but also above all relevant to the financial management of a company or to investing on the financial markets.

Our team of analysts

The leader of our analytical team is Markéta Šichtařová. She have been known for their accurate forecasts and analyses for a number of years now. In 2001, the B.I.G. company awarded them for the most precise forecast in interest rates. In addition, the Next Finance team was named the best in forecasting the crown/euro exchange rate and interest rates. Their average error in forecasting the crown/euro exchange rate six months ahead in 2005 was a mere 0.7% ( approximately 2 Czech hellers). As regards forecasts for the Czech crown, the Next Finance analyst team has held the post of the absolute best in its field for a long time.

Thanks to its forecasting success, the Next Finance Analyst team is one of the few analytical workplaces in the Czech Republic, whose exchange rate outlooks, interest rates and macroeconomic indicators are followed by the Ministry of Finance regularly, when putting together the state budget, as well as by the Czech National Bank when setting its interest rates. Markéta Šichtařová gained public recognition with the many professional articles related to finances, their quotes and interviews, which were published in both the local and the foreign media, which in 2002 amounted to more than 12 000 pieces. Only professional articles related to economy made up for several hundreds of contributions.

In 2006 and 2007, Markéta Šichtařová also held the post of the head of economic advisors to the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic.

Continuous model development

Our team of analysts is growing continuously. Our analysts work hard on continuous development and on broadening their practical skills with theoretical knowledge. They work on constantly developing new econometric models, with a particular emphasis on the exchange rate of the crown, the euro, the dollar, the zloty and the pound, as well as on the forecasts for inflation, stock indices and the price of oil.

It would be unthinkable for us to ignore our academic development. Markéta Šichtařová hold all available qualifications for trading on the financial markets, in portfolio management and trading in financial derivatives. The other members of the analyst team have also added to the overall qualifications of the company.

Our key products

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Falcon Package

Simple, clear and comprehensible even to non-professionals, these are analyses and outlooks delivered daily to your desk. A summary of the most important developments: exchange rates, macroeconomics, interest rates and stocks

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Customized Lectures

We will be happy to arrange a lectures or training courses on economic themes for your employees or business partners: energy, property, currencies, etc. Interesting format, comprehensible to anyone.

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Bespoke Studies

We can provide you with a bespoke forecast or an analysis on economic issues, catering directly to your particular interests. Are you interested in exotic currencies, gold, stocks, the construction sector or perhaps price development?

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