In order to satisfy all our clients' needs, we offer a wide range of services.


the daily economic bulletin

Catering to financial directors, as well as to non-professionals. This package is suitable for company directors, for ordinary employees at all types of companies, as well as for small-scale investors, etc.


Suitable for anyone, who

  • Wishes to have a basic understanding of economic matters and for those who invest.
  • Is interested in a little bit of everything: the crown, the zloty, the euro, the dollar, inflation, GDP, stocks, interest rates, the financial crisis, energy, commodities, etc.
  • Needs economic outlooks.
  • Is interested in financial management but who has limited time to invest in it.
  • Is an economic layman and requires easily comprehensible information.

Falcon Package contains:

  • Eurodaily – An e-mail message sent every working day afternoon, containing fresh information on the economy and the financial markets (exchange rates, interest rates, etc.) Forecasts may feature occasionally as the need arises.
  • Consultation option on economic themes, either by telephone or e-mail.

Bespoke studies economic themes, as desired

Are you interested in the property market, energy prices or the sterling's exchange rate, perhaps?

For anyone interested in specific economic analyses and forecasts, we offer bespoke studies to suit your requirements.

A bespoke analysis is suitable for anyone, who:

  • Needs a one-off economic study on any theme and of any length
  • Needs a specific forecast unobtainable anywhere else
  • Needs results quick, within matter of days

Next Finance's one-off studies are used, for example, by:

  • Prague Energy Exchange – A study entitled Electric Energy Market in Europe .
  • CzechInvest - business and investment development agency – Several studies on various themes.
  • Banks, companies and private investors.

Amongst the most requested themes for studies are outlooks for foreign exchange rates, interest rates, macroeconomic indicators, foreign investment, and outlooks for the construction sector, oil prices, and property and energy prices. The scope of an analysis, length of an outlook or the depth of an analysis depends on the subscriber.

Customized lectures finances explained clearly

Would you like to present an economic or financial theme of your choice?

We can arrange lectures or training courses focused on economic themes etc.

Lectures are suitable for anyone, who:

  • Needs to provide their employees with education in the area of financial markets
  • Needs to present the current economic developments to their trading partners
  • Is interested in clear information that isn't delivered in a dry and unimaginative way

Companies representing all industries use Next Finance's lectures. Amongst the most common lecture themes are the development of macroeconomic indicators, financial markets, exchange rates, adoption of the euro, construction, energy trading and the financial crisis.

If you are interested in trying out our products, we are happy to provide you with our services for a trial period free of charge. After the expiration of the trial period, you can make a decision whether you were fully satisfied with our services and whether they helped you in the financial world to such an extent that you would wish to renew your subscription. If you are interested in a trial subscription to our newsletters, you can contact us at the telephone no. 775 255 120 or by e-mail.

Product prices are in binding in relation to the scope of consultations and you can find out more about them by calling 775 255 120 or by e-mail. Entities pay one price for the package, regardless of the number of purchased copies (after agreement, the entire company or its organisational units may read the reports). You can subscribe to our services using various time frames (monthly, semi-annually or annually).